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4 x Gluten Free Snacks the Kids will Love to Make

Roll into the school year like a Sweet Mini Rice Cake with these super easy, gluten-free snacks that the kids will looooove to make!

Made with the goodness of air-popped wholegrain rice, our gluten-free Aussie Made Sweet Mini Rice Cakes are the perfect snack for little fingers and bellies!

They are also perfect for sensory play and unleashing the kid’s creativity in the kitchen!

You can find them in the biscuit aisle at Coles, and the health food aisle at Woolworths!

Spooky Mini Spider Bites

These Spooky Spiders by @saatiparty are just 4 ingredients!

Halloween Spooky Spiders Gluten Free Kids Recipe
Halloween Spooky Spiders Gluten Free Kids Recipe

Woof Meow Mini Faces

These Mini Cats and Dogs by @saatiparty are so cute and super easy!

Gluten Free Kids Snack
Gluten Free Kids Snack

Chilled Choc Moose Cake

This No-Bake Gluten-Free Moose Cake by @ellasplaybakes is one of our faves!

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Recipe
No Bake Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Fruity Caramel Caterpillars

This Caramel Caterpillar by @saatiparty is a cheeky way to get more fruit into their day!

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