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Spooky Spiders Gluten Free Kids Party Recipe

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 5 mins

These Spooky Spiders Snacks are just 4 steps and so easy for the kids to make!

You can find Table of Plenty AUSSIE MADE air-popped wholegrain mini rice cakes in the BISCUIT aisle at Coles, and the health aisle at Woolies!

Table of Plenty Gluten-Free Mini Rice Cakes
2 x tbs Peanut Butter
4 x pretzel sticks
8 x candy eyes (from cake aisle)

Thanks to @saatiparty for the delish recipe inspo!

Simply spread the peanut butter onto the rice cakes.

Snap the pretzle sticks in half and insert them as legs.

Put the other rice cake on top and squish together.

Add the eyes!

Follow @tableofplenty for mmmmmore gluten-free yum!

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