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Fruity Caterpillar Easy Gluten Free Kids Snack Idea

Serves: 1
Cooking Time: 5 mins

This easy fruity caterpillar by @saatiparty is the easiest gluten free kids snack idea! Made with our Table of Plenty AUSSIE MADE air-popped mini rice cakes, it's a great way to get more fruit into their day. You can find our mini rice cakes in the BISCUIT aisle at Coles and the Health Food aisle at Woolies!

1 x Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes Snack Pack
4 x slices of kiwi fruit
1 x strawberry
2 x blueberries cut in half
8 x raisins
1 x 100% real fruit strap
Candy eyes (from the cake aisle)

To make this easy gluten-free snack simply:

  1. Layout your Table of Plenty mini rice cakes
  2. Slice up the kiwi fruit and layer on top
  3. Slice the Fruit Strap into strips for the antlers
  4. Add the cut strawberry and raisin feet
  5. Add the antennae blueberries!

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Thanks to @saatiparty for the amazing recipe idea!

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