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Super Easy Kefir Chocolate Mousse

Serves: 6
Cooking Time: 4 hours

1. 250ml Table of Plenty Kefir (Natural or Lactose Free)
2. 350ml thickened cream
3. 300g 70% dark chocolate, roughly chopped
4. 2 TBSP raw sugar
5. 1 TSP vanilla essence

1. Place roughly chopped chocolate into a heat safe bowl and set aside.
2. In a saucepan over medium heat, place half of the thickened cream and the sugar into the pot and leave on the stove until bubbles start to form around the outer edges.
3. Pour the heated cream mixture over the chocolate and let sit for 3 minutes.
4. Mix together the cream and the chocolate until it becomes a silky smooth mix.
5. Place the mixture into the fridge for 4 hours, leaving longer or overnight if desired.
6. Once ready, remove the mix from the fridge and place into a bowl. Add in the kefir and the vanilla essence and beat using electric mixer until stiff peaks form.
7. Place into serving glasses, top with grated chocolate and berries and enjoy!

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