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Get your gut fighting fit this spring with Table of Plenty’s Kefir

Kefir is the latest probiotic rich food to join the fermented food revolution. Like kombucha and kimchi, our kefir is rich in probiotics, with around 90 billion of them in every 250mg serve. Making it the perfect boost to get your gut fighting fit for spring.

Kefir has its roots in Eastern European cultures where it has been consumed for centuries. Table of Plenty were the first to introduce this ancient wonder to the Australian market and have been a driving force behind its increasing recognition among nutritionists and other health professionals. Fermented foods have been growing in popularity as everyday Australians discover the benefits of probiotics for a healthy and happy digestive system.

The unique blend of 10 different probiotics and beneficial bacteria in our Kefir are brewed using a slow fermentation process that pays tribute to this 2,000-year-old recipe. Unlike the probiotics created to be put into capsules, ours are cultured in 100% fresh milk from grass-fed Gippsland cows to make a rich, creamy fermented pourable yoghurt, with a tart taste and just a hint of effervescence.

You may already know that when you take antibiotics you not only destroy the bad bacteria that are making you sick, you also destroy some of the good bacteria that help you stay healthy. One of the best ways to replenish the good bacteria in your system is with a highly fermented food like kefir, which can help your body recover from antibiotic treatments.

Oh, and did we mention it tastes great and can be added to any dish where you would normally use yoghurt, for a creamy delicious finish. It is perfect as a substitute for any milk in smoothies or yoghurt on cereal.

Grab a bottle of Table of Plenty Kefir at your local Coles supermarket and experience this ancient wonder for yourself.

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