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Finding my ‘why’ at the League of Extraordinary Women’s ‘Run the World’ Conference

Last month I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the League for Extraordinary Women’s 9th Annual Run the World Female Entrepreneurs Conference. Naturally, I was excited to share my story and meet Australia’s leading and up and coming female entrepreneurs, makers, creators, and innovators.

This year’s theme was Manifestation. For every woman, this meant something different. For me, this meant finding my ‘why’ or as myself and my husband call it; finding your point of plenty. I believe that you must have something to champion and believe in. This will give you power and from this power will come action. Finding my ‘why’, the reason behind Table of Plenty, gave me everything, and the push I desperately needed to make our business a successful reality. I have always been creative and my passion lies with food, nutrition and making things. Combining my ‘why’ and passion gave me choice, practicality, vision, and creativity to accomplish what I set out to do and have longevity in a cutthroat business.

When my husband and I created Table of Plenty our main goal was and still is to create a business that is beneficial to the community. This is not only providing customers with trusted clean, healthy and delicious foods but also something much bigger. Table of Plenty is not only a business to my family and I, but a lifestyle that we choose to live every day. A Life of Plenty. This lifestyle is something we want everyone and anyone who encounters Table of Plenty products to feel and be inspired by.

My last point is that once you find your ‘why’ or your point of plenty, don’t waste your time planning; get into action and remember to enjoy the adventure.

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