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Peanut Butter & Chia Tartlets with Crunchy Fruit Free Nutty Muesli @cleantreats_

Serves: 12
Cooking Time: 1 hour

For a delish weeknight treat that can be easily prepared for nutritious, colourful and easy desserts for the whole family!

Recipe from the wonderful Nicole Fraine @cleantreats_

For the base
• 1/3 cup Table of Plenty Crunchy Fruit Free Nutty Muesli
• 1tbsp coconut oil or cacao butter melted
For the filling
• 1/4 cup Smooth Peanut Butter
• 1tbsp coconut oil or cacao butter
• 1tbsp coconut cream
• 1tbsp vanilla bean paste
• Pinch of salt
For the raspberry topping
• 1/4 cup raspberries thawed and mashed
• 1tbsp chia seeds
• 1/2tsp vanilla essence
• 1/2tbsp boiling water
• 1/2tsp gelatine


  1. Combine your base ingredients and press into 3x silicon cupcake cases, set aside
  2. Combine your filling ingredients by mixing well and divide between your three cases, press out evenly and set aside.
  3. Make your berry jelly topping by combining your ingredients well (dissolve your gelatine in your boiled water separately first) pour over your filling and sprinkle with cacao nibs, before placing in the fridge to set.
  4. Allow to set for about 1hr before removing, store in the fridge. They also freeze well!

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