Table of Plenty Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles

Our delicious Table of Plenty Sweet Dukkah is available with the spices at Coles.


Our new Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles add sweetness and crunch!

• Sprinkle on your favourite breakfast cereal instead of sugar

• Top off your morning fruit and yoghurt with a sweet little crunch

• Add a unique flavour twist and texture to your daily smoothie

• Give your favourite fruit a boost in flavour and a surprising crunch

We might be sweet, but you’ll find us with the Spices in your local Coles.




Dark Chocolate & Orange Sweet Dukkah: 

Chocolate, Hazelnut & Orange Pavlova with Sweet Dukkah

Table of Plenty Sweet Dukkah Pavlova



• 1 pack Dark Chocolate & Orange Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles

• Dark chocolate block

• 1 30cm pavlova (store-bought is fine)

• 300ml thickened cream

• 2 oranges, segmented


• Pour cream into a large bowl, set beaters on medium speed and whip cream until it thickens

• Place pavlova on a serving plate and top with the whipped cream

• Arrange the segmented oranges on top then use a grater to sprinkle dark chocolate shavings over the pavlova

• Scatter the Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles all over the top of the pavlova, to taste

Almond & Cinnamon Sweet Dukkah: 

Pancakes with Mixed Berries & Sweet Dukkah

Table of Plenty Sweet Dukkah Pancakes



• 1 cup self-raising flour

• 1 egg

• 300mL milk

• Butter for frying

To serve

• Almond & Cinnamon Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles

• Fresh berries

• Maple syrup

• Mascarpone cream


• Sift flour into a large mixing bowl, make a well in the centre and add the milk and egg, whisk until smooth

• Cook pancakes on a buttered frying pan, flipping when bubbles appear, cook until golden

• Arrange pancakes in a stack on a plate, top with mascarpone, berries, Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles and maple syrup to taste

Come up with your own ideas and send them to us. We’d love to hear how you will add a crunchy delicious twist to your life with Table of Plenty Sweet Dukkah Sprinkles. Send to us at info@tableofplenty.com.au.

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