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Easy Summer Picnic Platter

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 5 mins

Our gluten-free Grazing Poppers are perfect for picnics and platters! Made with the goodness of air-popped rice and green peas they will get your party poppin!
You can find our Grazing Poppers in the Biscuit Aisle at Coles.

The topping combos a literally endless! Try mixing it up with some blue cheese and dates, or sundried tomatoes and olives.
Thanks to the amazing @countdown_til_dinner for the inspo!

- 1 x hummus
- 1 x cream cheese
- cucumber
- olives
- sesame seeds
- fresh salmon

Simply spread your Grazing Poppers on a platter.

Top with a mix of dips
Layer on your toppings
Have fun and explore!

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