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Kate’s thoughts in celebration of International Women’s Day

As this day rolls around again this year, I find myself pondering – are we still moving forwards?

More than half of our population is made up of women who every day inspire me with their will, ability, vision and leadership to make things different in our world. This is a wonderful thing and brings me much hope.

However, there is an underlying antagonism that I have seen at play in this past year that leaves me uneasy – a widening gap that plays out in social media and life where some men and women are at loggerheads, stuck in a duality that is only escalating.

My wish for this next year is to search for ways to work together, bridging the gap, continuing to press for progress, which can only be achieved through mutuality and working together, both stepping up – human first, regardless of gender. Men do not have to lose out for women to find a fuller range of expression in our society. In fact, one of the barriers I see that is slowing progress is the fact that men are also trapped in old paradigms that still exist in our corporations and institutions.

We are in a time of great flux where our identities and social norms are shifting before our eyes. How do we stay empowered and close to ourselves and make sure that we are not swept along by the crowd unconsciously but are standing on our own reasoned foundation?

I am proud of our business, Table of Plenty, where gender parity is evident throughout our workplace and at every level. I urge all women in business to be influential in your own communities, not only on International Women’s Day, but whenever possible and to include the men in our lives. It starts at home with our sons, husbands and brothers and the goal to work in true partnership – together we will Press For Progress.

Kate Weiss
Table of Plenty Co-Founder

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