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In writing this blog, I have been caused to reflect that for me, I am inspired by those I know, not by distant figures who may portray one thing, but those who know what the reality is.


Each of these women speaks to me in a different way:


My grandmother Natalie was a force. Passionate, petite, stubborn, determined and above all loving.

Her lessons in life to me were: Live life with no regrets and trust in life, each experience is unique and to be treasured. Love other human beings, each one is a mystery.

She was still bright in the eye and full of life well into her 80’s. She worked all her life as a teacher as well as raising a family.


My violin teacher (from when I was a kid)

Angela, my teacher was such an inspiration to me growing up. She so motivated me that I would get up for my violin lesson at 7am on a Saturday morning! I always picked her a bunch of wild flowers on the walk to her home.

Her lessons to me: Do what you love to do and what seems hard has within it a breakthrough, so love the challenge.

She was always energized, full of life and passionate about what she could bring out to her students.


Kate Morris (Adore Beauty)

Kate is a fellow entrepreneur and an inspiration to me because she has fully embodied what she has set out to do. It is a pleasure to know her and watch her grow and evolve both her business and herself.

Her lesson to me: Make up your mind what you want, think big, keep your integrity and stay close to your core values.


Zoe London

Zoe is a dear friend and fellow mother to children with special needs who I met via my daughter Amy. Her steadfastness, strength, practicality and optimism in the face of adversity are an inspiration and give me strength also.


Amy Weiss

My daughter Amy is the greatest gift and the greatest burden simultaneously. Her lesson in life to me is – be truly yourself, live in the moment, be open to all.

She draws love out of all of those around her and lives in a state of grace every day.

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