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Get The Whole Family Enjoying Gluten-free Summer Salads

One of the questions we have had from customers over the years, is how do I keep the whole family happy when one person is gluten free?

As a mum, I know how hard it is to please everyone (actually it’s impossible) so the best course of action I have found is to focus on tasty and nutritious meals and let the kids rotate having their favourite meal. Add a food intolerance into the mix and things only get harder.

One of our newest products is our Dukkah Salad Sprinkles which I have put together to please the family’s taste buds, they are of course gluten-free and also add a crunchy texture, good fats, protein and a pop of colour to any salad.

Here are four of my family’s favourite ways to combine them in a salad.

Hubby’s: Green Chicken Salad tossed with salad sprinkles

Amy’s: Potato and Beetroot salad with salad sprinkles (Pink Princess salad)

Ethan: Tomato and Avocado salad with salad sprinkles

Kate: Black Rice Salad with salad sprinkles

If you’d like to try out these recipes, email us at info@tableofplenty.com.au

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