Nicely Nutty

$24.90 Carton of 5

Velvety Vanilla

$24.90 Carton of 5

Spicy Dukkah

$25.20 Carton of 8

Lemon & Herb Dukkah

$25.20 Carton of 8

Pistachio Dukkah

$25.20 Carton of 8

Macadamia Dukkah

$25.20 Carton of 8

Sharing the Love

"Thank you for making such delicious snacks available!!! I have been in love with your mini rice cakes (the milk chocolate ones) for quite a while now and today to my delight I found the rosemary and sea salt mini rice cakes!
Anyway just wanted to let you know that your offerings are appreciated and applauded.
That’s all.
Kind regards"


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